School History

Yu MinGuo

This school predecessor attends to the vocational school of the midwifery peacefully and advancedly for the private health of Taipei, because refined important department in order to promote compatriot medical science, knowledge of the hygiene bishop, it promotes healthy all to be a aim, Yu MinGuo planned to be established in 57.

Build the school and already march toward the 41st year so far, the graduates of this school now, the service on enterprise's organization's work position of every citizen's camp, rendering a service, general and is thought highly of; This school is devoted to reforming system and promoting as the technological institute at present, ones that are in the hope of the content with the improvement of the academic position and run a school are substantial, stride forward actively at solid foundation that have already, cultivate for I national skill development that duty educate intermediate is it educate, manage and travel qualified personnel in a specific field to protect.