The Developing Future Objectives

Developing Objectives
  1. Expanding international cooperation
    The collegial leadership has signed an official memorandum with the University of Arizona, which facilitates curriculum development and ensures advance studies easily accessible.

  2. Richening well-equipped instructional facilities
    The college strives for more versatile educational facilities such as labs and equipments for foundational medicine and nursing.

  3. Building up the communicative access
    It has been successfully founded interactive accesses among staff and faculty, teachers and students, respectively.

Medium-Term Objectives
  1. Developing versatile cooperative plans.

  2. Broadening teachers' and students' field of vision.

  3. Carrying out the international academic researches.

  4. Cultivating the concepts of responsibility and duty conscious.

  5. Keeping up the trend of the educational reform.

Long-term Objectives
  1. Integrating the modern technology of information science with management.

  2. Promoting Kang Ning Junior College to an technology institute.