Significant Achievements

   Built on a long tradition of excellence in professional cultivation, KNJC advocates holistic education and values the collegial spirits of loyalty, integrity, charity and compassion.
   The collegial leadership strives to fulfill the educational philosophy of faithfulness, responsibility, professionalism and foresight. Also, the college remains committed to a vision for preeminent schooling and a desire for achievement and innovation.
   In a challenging and richly diverse leaning environment, students will be developing mature personalities and problem-solving abilities. Kang Ning has been building up a distinctive and vintage school culture.
   To date, our goal is to be promoted to an technology institute.

   Our school after reformed as a junior college has been honored to receive concerns and guidance from superiors, scholars and experts in many aspects.
   With sincere dedication of the entire faculty and staff, we engaged in rigorous schooling and further, we've been recognized by our students, parents and many aspects of people.
   On the evident merits, we have carried out the following events:
  1. Approved by MOE (Ministry of Education), to conduct school restructuring as Kang Ning Junior College, July 1996 .

  2. Evaluated and awarded by MOE as Premier College of the Year for quality faculty, April 1997.

  3. Graded as Class-A School in the review of MOE, Feb. 1997.

  4. Establish an alliance with the renowned University of Arizona in the USA, 1997.

  5. Highly recognized as a Class-A School in the review of MOE, Feb. 1998.

  6. Evaluated and awarded by MOE as Premier School of the Year for quality faculty, May 1998.

  7. Honored and awarded by MOE as Striking Progress College of the Year, May 1998.

  8. Expanded by adding Department of Child Care and of Information Management, Aug. 1998.

  9. Graded as Premier School in the review of MOE, Jan. 1999.

  10. The first ISO 9002 certified college.

  11. The first college to establish an E-classroom with video network, Feb. 1999.

  12. The first college to operate Student IC cards.

  13. Honored as the best school in the admission rate of recommended applications for 5-year junior colleges in the northern district of Taiwan, 1999.

  14. Designed as an archetypal School in on-line course resources by Technological and Vocational Education of MOE, July 1999.

  15. Assessed and graded as Premier School of the Year at the review of MOE, Jan. 2000.

  16. Receiving the First-rate Award in student-club evaluation and presentation activities, May 2000.

  17. Awarded an Outstanding Academic Achievement Award for fulfilling the adolescent counseling project, May 2000.

  18. Winning the fourth place in MOE Group Contest on Tailor-made Instructional media, July 2000.

  19. Founded as Nei-hu Division of Nan-Gon Community College from the Academic Year of 2000.

To implement ISO policies, our school enhances the quality of teaching and research, and advances the efficacy of administration.
Accordingly, we draw up the performance management model, and successfully incorporate the beliefs of business services into the procedures of schooling affairs, as so much so the education can meet the social and national needs.
The developing future objectives are as follows:
  1. Developing the local medicare system and providing the excellent environment for clinical practice.

  2. Providing the best environments for childcare and for students' childcare internship.

  3. Enhancing versatile teaching facilities.

  4. Increasing the academic unit of life science.

  5. Increasing the academic unit of liberal arts.

  6. Increasing the academic unit of management science.

  7. Promoting the school to an technology institute.