Messages from the President

Dr. David CHOU
President, Kang-Ning College of Medical Care and management
President, Chinese Computer Education Association
President, International Association of Workforce Professionalsí]IAWP, R.O.C. Chapterí^
Professor, Graduate Institute of Industrial Education, Ph.D program, National Taiwan Normal University


B.Ed. Degree, 1965 National Taiwan Normal University, R.O.C.
M.S. Degree, 1968 University of Wisconsin, U.S.A.
Ph. D. Degree, 1974 University of Minnesota, U.S.A.


Past President, Chinese Industrial-Vocational Education Association
Professor, Chairman, and Director, Graduate Institute of Industrial Education, NTNU
35 years in National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU)
4 years as the R.O.C Representative and Administrative Officer, Asian and Pacific Center (1986-1990 ASPEC)
4 years AS the R.O.C. advisor for APEC (1992-1996)


More then 100 papers, research reports and books published in Scholarly journals and newspapers.

Our Mission

To accomplish our mission of founding a school of Profession, Health, Dedication, Practicability and Creativity.

Our Goals

  1. To become and maintain the No. 1 private junior college of the country.
  2. Our short term work is to pass the yearly assessment conducted by the Education Ministry, while our long term goal is to be upgraded to be a technical college in the near future.

Ways of fulfilling our goals

  1. To systemize the administrating institution.
  2. To increase the yearly student enrollment numbers.
  3. Yearly school evaluation will be taken place for improvement.

Teaching Goals

  1. To carry out our goals of having students obtain English, Computer, and other professional certificates.
  2. To assist our students to acquire knowledge and professional techniques.
  3. To cultivate our students to be honorable, respectable and responsible.

Expectation to all Faculty

  1. To reach the top harmoniously and whole-heartily with the help of each member of the school.
  2. To carry on our goal of teaching our students to be better global citizens.
  3. To carry on our goal of grounding our administrating efficiency.

Development Goals

Short-term goals (2009 íV 2010)

  1. To systemize the administrating institution of the school and all departments.
  2. To encourage all faculty for upgrading in every aspect, including research as well as practical experiences.
  3. To cooperate with nearby community in terms of uplifting the territorial development.
  4. To enrich our pedagogical resources, ground our teaching methods, and add more practical training courses.
  5. To establish in-school evaluation system and develop special features of each department.

Mid- to Long-term Goals (2010 íV 2012)

  1. Preparing for upgrading to technical college.
  2. Grounding our policy of having students acquiring professional knowledge and certificates.
  3. Setting up early therapy and elderly related nursing and caring programs in response to the trend of fewer children.
  4. Introducing nursing related equipments and facilities management courses and cross countries management fields in response to the cross straits relationship development.
  5. Cultivating business administration professionals to meet the needs of the trend of business transition.

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