General Affairs Division in brief

      Here at school, all affairs about human resources, business, time, location and resources are vitally and closely linked to the General Affairs Division.   A school is supposed to be table to make it run and grow successfully if it carries out general affairs in a well schemed, positive, efficient and thorough way.   It is, therefore, not exaggerated at all if we liken the general affairs to the school’s spiritual core.   The very ultimate objective of the General Affairs Division is to safeguard and provide a safe and comfortable amenity for education to back the entire faculty and students to carry out education and activities.


To assure the maximum possible performance in logistics, the entire staff of this General Affairs Division have spared no effort to maximize the fruits yielded from “human resources”, “property resources”, “geographic benefits”, “optimal timeliness” and “services at the top priority”.   Thanks to the sound leadership by the President of the College and the Director of the General Affairs Division, we have successfully lived up to the specified targets under the four major guidelines, i.e., accurate services, efficient management, systematic business operation and values of self-confidence.


Here at Kang-Ning Junior College of Medical Care & Management, the General Affairs Division, located at the right-hand side of the Administrative Building on the ground floor, is headed by a Director and operated through four departments, i.e., General Affairs, Documentation, Cashiers’ and Custody.  Each department is managed by a department head.  As a result of the close teamwork by the entire staff in the Division under the unanimous aspiration, the General Affairs Division has made available optimal amenities to both faculty and students for education and research.  Through enthusiastic and earnest devotion, the entire staff of the Division take great pleasure in backing faculty and students behind the topnotch success achieved by the school.